Storage for Genealogy, I wonder what’s required?

This evening I was watching television, specifically the show about family reunions (who do you think you are?) and it got me thinking about storage. No it isn’t a stretch, bear with me.

The idea of the show is that a celebrity wants to find out more about the history of their family using tools from and other resources in genealogy. Its really quite interesting.

how does this relate to storage?
while watching the show, I thought about just how much information someone seeking family members would go through. This information is in many many formats.. From the Internet to the microfilm at the library. All of these volumes of information have to be stored and managed by someone.

Being he curator of all of this information and data would be a huge undertaking, surely the management of the online archives alone is more than a bit of work. What about the offline information? The stuff of the people who keep track of all this stuff, what they know and have seen?

Ok maybe the concept of LUNs and genealogy are not closely relatable, but the idea that all of this stuff, online and off, is kept by storage freaks (those who are far too interested in storage) and overly curious people anxious to find their heritage.

I for one find both topics quite fascinating and am hoping to begin learning about my family history… then all I need is some where to store it all, preferably with dedupe and cloud backup enabled.

I am curious about what kind of data storage it takes to manage a project like If anyone knows or has contacts there please share.