Lately it seems that the new start comes near the beginning of the year.In late 2017 I made another change in my career to join Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group as an Infrastructure Engineer.My focus on the infrastructure team will be Azure and the Cloud and helping the organization to move as many workloads to the cloud as possible. I have been there about 2 months now and have started to dig in and help my team and company continue their push to the cloud.

I have more blog posts in the works and am excited to get back to writing and working with new technologies and things out there in the cloud. I have been having a blast in my new role and am excited to be on a team and with an organization that is really driving toward new technologies to help their business and customers succeed.

We are getting our cloud feet wet in some cases, but have been learning a lot as we go. I am excited to see where this thing goes next and what we can accomplish in the cloud.

Here’s to an awesome 2018!