2015 was an alright year for me.Landed another MVP award and got a chance to visit Microsoft again and learn a huge amount of new things.Its curious how the new things will play out for consumption when they do, until then… that’s enough. I have landed a new book project which is in process, hopeful for spring 2016 completion.The topic is PowerShell which should help me learn more and hopefully help others get started, or learn more.In the last of the year I also got a new job and will be starting on January 4th.In preparation I have been playing around quite a bit in Azure to work with cloud technologies.The position does not focus only on Azure, but Microsoft is helpful with subscriptions and things for MVPs which certainly helps. That is the big news I’ve got as the year closes.Since it has been 13 years since I have been in the new job position I am a bit freaked out and excited to try it out and see how it goes. I anticipate it will be hugely fun.

Next up for me in 2015 – Star Wars.Hopefully it is as good as I have heard.