Recently I moved my email from Google Apps to Office 365 to take advantage of the features of Exchange.When I logged in to switch the DNS, I had fully expected Office 365 to be able to automatically determine that my DNS host was Azure – sadly, this was not true.

Disclaimer: Being a Microsoft MVP, my Office 365 subscription is provided by Microsoft – there was no influence or involvement by Microsoft in this post.

When I logged in, I validated my custom domain with Office 365 by providing the .TXT record in DNS.

[![Let Office 365 configure DNS for you when bringing Email to Office 365](]( 365 DNS Auto Setup
From there, the “Configure DNS” option in Office 365 seemed like a logical choice – letting Office do the setup of DNS was a great idea. I made the choice to do that and figured there would be little left to do. I configured the DNS record for the webmail screen to point to Outlook Web Access and waited to see what might happen.

Email was flowing and coming into the shiny new mailbox I had configured for myself and I figured things were good. I was watching the Gmail inbox just in case, and noticed one or two messages slide in there. Back to Office 365 I went – a DNS misconfiguration was appearing.

Because I figured the magic would happen behind the curtain and Azure on both ends would get this done – NOPE. I tweet to Azure support for guidance and a forum post on TechNet or MSDN (whichever Microsoft calls it these days). Then we waited… for a day or so and it was suggested that the DNS be manually edited to clean up the records.

Back to Office 365 again – removing the junk records and going through the DNS process to set the records manually – creating the CNAME, NS, and MX records. Following that everything was happy and mail has been rocking right along with no issues.

My frustration is not really that the DNS needed to be changed and manually fixed. It is simply that the DNS for the domain was verified as owned by me – and surely passed along the idea that the DNS was in Azure. Since the Office 365 DNS is also in Azure (albeit managed by Office 365) I would have thought this to be an acceptable situation. Again I was incorrect – Azure DNS cannot be updated by the Office 365 DNS records.

Note to Microsoft – a consideration to allow the Office 365 DNS configuration service to use Azure DNS if the domain is confirmed to be in Azure DNS would be awesome. Sure DNS is not horrible to configure manually in this case, but either way – it would be a nice little auto-configuration.That’s all.