Wow.There is a ton of technology out there and I have somehow found a big desire to learn more of all of it.This does not bode well for any other activities assuming I jump in with both feet.Otherwise the other activities will talk me out of learning as much as possible.At least hardware is a fairly easy decision, given the cost of new toys and the limited income available for things.That keeps me from getting caught up too much in the shiny new whatever so constantly.

Software is another story however.There is still cost, but there is also more software and they many times come with a trial of some kind.This is dangerous territory as the trial can suck me in and then the purchase is required to keep playing.In addition, there is piles of new things to learn, some for IT career, some for fun, and some for both.There is even a rare case where I might learn at least a little bit about an application to help someone else learn or use it.

As an example, PowerShell and Microsoft Azure are two things that are interesting and will help my career.PowerShell is the coolest technology Microsoft has put together in a long time simply for the volume of things it can manage. Azure is in a similar place, more so because I can manage a good amount of things in the Microsoft cloud and not need to get deep into the weeds right away with other cloud technologies (although AWS might also end up on this list down the road). From the other end, FileMaker has been a technology that I have been playing around with, although I am not as in the weeds with that as I might like to be.I am planning to review FileMaker 14 once I get a chance to dig in, but I can see where it might be useful for some things I have been working on.So I do plan to dig in on FileMaker at some point.

I am beginning to understand chasing once thing at a time or at least one work learning project and one home learning project.Since getting only one project each is unrealistic, but keeping the markers for each of the open projects in view is a challenge some times.I am getting better for sure, but making sure to keep things in front of me is still an interesting hurdle.That however, is a wide open topic for another post.