Visual Studio Code is the best text edior I have ever seen - nice work Microsoft. I have been using it since I first heard of it and really do not use much else, but my personal preference isn't the goal of the post - entirely.

I read today in a post/tweet by Steven Murawski that Visual Studio Code has been addrd as the editor for Azure Cloud Shell - it just works there, no choosing, no decisions, it just runs. Officially, I think its a collaboration between vscode and cloudshell, but @code is @code.

How does it work?
First you need to login to the Azure Cloud Shell - using an account with an active Azure Subsctiption. When you do that you will be taken to a container running a very small virtual machine and be able to select Bash or PowerShell as your terminal. I chose PowerShell, but Bash is fine too. The terminla looks like figure A

Figure A
Azure Cloud Shell - Powershell in a browser

Looks just like PowerShell to me.. and even works from an iPad or phone. Keep in mind, that modules installed on your local workstation will not be available in the cloudshell console - but installing them works as would be expected. Remeber the Azure cloud shell has a disk behind it and can save all your scripts and modules etc (up to 5GB or so).

Figure B
Installing a module in cloudshell

So PowerShell works in a seriously similar way to the executable on your laptop... where does VSCode fit in?

In the cloud shell window, there is a toolbar and it has an icon that shows {} - click this and the top half of the shell window will become an editor and place the PowerShell terminal at the bottom of the screen.

Figure C
CloudShell and VSCode

This window is Visual Studio Code and it runs the editor just like code.exe - it has the command pallete to help with editing commands and code folding. I also noticed that the editor does have intellisense to help you work within your file. It does not appear to have theme customization support today, but I would bet that is coming at some point.

THe options are many in the command pallete - more than I expected on a first run through anyhow.

Figure D
Commnads... did someone say Commands

I am excited about vscode coming to cloudshell - its getting closer to being on mobile, as accessible in a browser is the first step. Keep up the good work Microsoft! This is definitely different from past Microsoft and I cannot wait to see what Future Microsoft has in store for us.

I would like to see the ability to connect from a terminal app - like prompt for iOS to my cloudshell instance - PowerShell on all devices ;)

You can learn more about Azure CloudShell at