[Control Now] Working from Anywhere, the Blessing and the Rest of It

Working from wherever you can get connected sure sounds like the best thing ever. From your home office, the library, your best friends couch, the coffee shop… you get the idea.  As long as you can get email and all the resources (or most of them) needed to do your work, why not right?  Read my post over at Control Now and think about the good and the bad of working from anywhere before jumping on board.… Continue Reading


Blogging at Control Now

Recently I was asked to start contributing to a blog at Control Now covering any number of technology topics.  This blog was built in the creation of a new company by GFI called LogicNow that handles their cloud based practice.  Having written content for GFI in the past I am excited to start posting for the new blog.  I am hoping to be a regular contributor there and will post links to those posts here to help grow readership.… Continue Reading



SyncMate Review: A custom synchronization solution for Mac

Syncing devices, computers, and data in the cloud is a common occurrence today.  Virtually every device we carry is connected to every service or computer used regardless if the device is for work or personal use.  Out of the box, the sync solution on the Macintosh is iTunes, which is alright some of the time, but not a perfect solution even in an all Apple environment.… Continue Reading

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Deploying Modules with Windows Installer and PowerShell Studio 2014

I have been messing around with the trial of Sapien’s PowerShell Studio 2014 for some time and have found the tool to be huge and very much fully loaded in terms of features and helpfulness when working with PowerShell.  This will in no way be an all encompassing review of the product, while I would love to find the time to do one, right now I am just not there.… Continue Reading

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Manage Deployments easily with PDQ Deploy from Admin Arsenal

Deploying software is a fact of life for IT employees, especially since the introduction of UAC and the enforcement of (or supposed enforcement of) limited or standard user accounts in Windows.  Since it is somewhat difficult for corporate computer users to install applications due to these new restrictions, many times IT is called to visit the workstation to put in the correct credentials and move the process forward.Continue Reading

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I think I have a learning problem

I am coming to believe that I have a learning problem.  It isn’t a bad thing other than it is pretty impossible to keep up… the issue is that I haven’t enough brain power and time to learn all of the cool technology products that I come in contact with.  Yes I realize chunking up the learning, getting through the applications one at a time would probably solve these issues, however that is no fun (or at least, slows down the process).… Continue Reading

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SolarWinds Drops NPM v. 11

SolarWinds launched the latest iteration of their Network Performance Monitor product on Wednesday July 30.  The application helps IT professionals see what is going on within their networks and provide assistance in keeping things running smoothly.  The application is still a key piece of the Orion framework and works alongside other SolarWinds applications.… Continue Reading

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Controlling Applications with AppLocker


Recently I have found the need to remove access to various flavors of third party toolbar from some Windows 7 computers.  In the past a remote uninstall was attempted which removed the problem application, but also removed or tweaked some dlls that other applications might have had some inclination to use… long story short, problems were had.… Continue Reading

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PowerShell is Coming

I realize that PowerShell is here, and can pretty much run the administration of Windows machines and in some cases other devices as well.  PowerShell is significantly newer than the point and click GUI that Microsoft has made the cornerstone of the Windows Operating System.  In prior command line environment, custom command line tools were sometimes created to allow scripting of tasks in Windows.… Continue Reading

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Review: OmniFocus 2 Standard – Simpler Project and Action Management

I have been waiting to see what the next iteration of OmniFocus might be for quite some time and have to admit, I do not hate it. So far (at the time of this writing) the total investment was about 3 hours and it is much more streamlined than I expected and this is an awesome new approach.… Continue Reading

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