Image Based backup from Cloudberry Labs


Recently, Cloudberry Lab released an update to its Bare Metal (and Enterprise) backup products that will take image based backups and store them in any number of cloud based locations.

Disclaimer: While my blog features ads and sponsorship from Cloudberry Labs, they in no way have any influence on the posting of content or the opinions of the author.
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Using Phrase Expander to shorten typing time


Let’s face it, typing is tedious and is definitely something that could stand to be improved as so many of us, writers and pretty much everyone else, use daily. Now unless you are a stenographer in a court room and type faster than should be possible (and probably even then) typing could be bettered.… Continue Reading


[ControlNow] 3 Questions to Ask When Managing EndPoints

In keeping with the devices theme, tracking assets so that you know where they are is one thing, but actually managing and working with these devices to ensure the safe and ready operation within your environment is another thing altogether.  Because people need to get their work done, they cannot be worried about the security of the devices they use.  Sure, they need to be concerned about security of their data on their devices, but managing antivirus and keeping their system running in optimal form falls on the IT department.  Recently I wrote about managing this aspect of endpoints for Control Now.  Read the whole post here.… Continue Reading

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[ControlNow] Asset Tracking 101: Keeping tabs on all your devices

Networks today are certainly not getting any smaller, at least in the sense of connected devices.  The devices themselves seem to be in flux between small and large and small again, but that is a post for another day.  The number of endpoints on the network continues to grow, with bring your own devices and the boss getting a new tablet, and marketing needing portable access to social media and analytics, the growth just doesn’t stop.… Continue Reading

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Backing up your system with Cloudberry Labs

Backup is extremely important for individuals and organizations alike.  The trouble with backup in general is that there are many steps needed to ensure it is happening.  I work as an IT Professional and take great pains and measures to ensure my organizations data is backed up and available, but my own data is apparently not as important because many times backup only happens when I am working on a paper or document that requires it.… Continue Reading

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Phrase Express: Phrase substitution for any occasion using Macros

Last time we introduced PhraseExpress as a text substitution application that can save time in writing and repetitive typing tasks by using short cut strings. Today I want to build on that and introduce a way to create even more useful phrases.

Remember the example from our first phrase attempt:

“Thank you for your email.

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Saving time at the keyboard with PhraseExpress

I do quite a lot of writing and emailing of repetitive content both at work and at home and have tried any number of methods to reduce the work needed to complete these things. Using dictation software is alright, but still leaves out the writing experience for me. Somehow fingers on keyboard works best for me and while it may not be the fastest method of getting things on the page it’s just my way.… Continue Reading

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[ControlNow] Keeping networks secure for remote workers

Many times security is extremely important in an organization and is something that employees in all areas are reminded about everywhere they turn. Strong passwords, frequent password changes, smart cards, etc. However many companies think more about security for those that work in the office, many times leaving remote workers out in the cold.Continue Reading

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[ControlNow] Keeping Data and the Networks it Traverses Secure

With all of the breaches that seem to be happening at major retailers, banks and now movie studios there is more reason than ever to be concerned about security.  In a recent blog post for Control Now, I was asked to take a look at security and things that should get a lot of attention when it comes to data security. Doing your best to ensure that your data is maintained in a secure way is all you can do in today’s technology first society.… Continue Reading

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[Control Now] Working from Anywhere, the Blessing and the Rest of It

Working from wherever you can get connected sure sounds like the best thing ever. From your home office, the library, your best friends couch, the coffee shop… you get the idea.  As long as you can get email and all the resources (or most of them) needed to do your work, why not right?  Read my post over at Control Now and think about the good and the bad of working from anywhere before jumping on board.… Continue Reading

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