Thank you Windows XP

Thank you Windows XP - 

For showing us a picturesque wallpaper of rolling hills, but neglecting to tell us that the up and down nature of those hills may be hinting at restarts to come (until we install Service Pack 3).

Thank you Windows XP - 

For providing much needed insight into reasons why software installations were not successful… Does 1603 ring a bell?… Continue Reading


Moving away from Windows XP

So here we are.  The last day of updates and support for Windows XP… at least from Microsoft.  Surely there are many IT shops and consulting firms still making XP work as well as ever.  Personally, I think I am down to about 18 computers needing an upgrade, out of about 100 I don’t think that is too shabby.… Continue Reading

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Backup Exec Dedupe Folder Sometimes Useful, When It is Around

Backup Exec De-duplication Storage folders are interesting. They use postgreSQL to manage usernames and passwords for access to the contents of the folder from within BE.

The service in Windows is generally managed by BE, but can sometimes get stopped and not stay running. If this is not running the jobs fail.… Continue Reading

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Using PowerShell to automate routine things

In my job as a Systems Administrator I find myself copying files quite often.  Usually this happens from my laptop which connects to our VPN and my home drive on the company network.  To simplify this process, since the destination doesn’t change much, I have mixed PowerShell and Robocopy.

This is not new… nor is it rocket science, but it is pretty handy regardless.… Continue Reading

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Give the best available

There are some days when giving 100% is the biggest chore in the world, but when I find myself looking back after one of those days, it feels pretty bad. Sure, we all get to have our share of bad days and not feel great about doing what we do, but regardless of how much we live or loathe what we do, being lax in our work can’t be a good thing.… Continue Reading

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TechRepublic Post: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 101: Customize your Start screen

This entry is part 9 of 9 in the series Saturdays at TechRepublic


The Microsoft Surface Pro is a really solid tablet for business users, but Windows 8.1 may take a bit of getting used to for those coming from Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows.  This post looks at the new Start Screen on the Surface and discusses customizations that can be made.… Continue Reading

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One Note, Evernote, or OmniOutliner

Taking Notes all over the place

Being a writer once in a while, and a note taking junkie all the time has me stuck in a bit of a dilemma…. Which platform or method is the one I should (read want to) use.  I have tablets and PCs of all types and apps that work well for each.… Continue Reading

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An issue with Edge Transport and a patch waiting for download

Recently I came across an issue in my Exchange 2010 environment.  We were looking for a good way to manage email sent to someone who was no longer with the organization.  Ensuring that the sender got a nice message letting them know and also providing their new contacts information.  Because I had used products from Exclaimer before, I figured their Auto-Responder tool might do the trick so I pulled down the trial of the application.… Continue Reading

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Windows 8.1 N and Skype

I upgraded to Windows 8.1 a couple of weeks ago with bits and key from MSDN.  Was a smooth fresh installation that was quite quick, with one exception.  When downloading the bits I managed to get the N/KN flavor of Windows 8.1 Pro.  These bits have all of the features I can imagine I need at this point and should be great.… Continue Reading

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Fun with Recovery Keys and a side of WTF

Like any good Windows using IT Pro I configured Bit-Locker on my Windows 8.1 laptop.  The idea of safe data and all that (especially since the process is much improved) is a great plan.  However it requires the user (me) to pay attention occasionally.  While this was unexpected, it isn’t something that I would consider a deal breaker.… Continue Reading

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